Taiwan Travel: Beautiful Nature at Taroko Gorge, Hualien

After long hours of riding a car, we have finally arrived at the most famous location in Taroko, the Taroko Gorge and Eternal Spring Shrine Trail. Yippie!

Taroko Gorge Sign Taiwan

If you go with tour, you will not make a stop at this location cause there's no way a bus can park nearby. You can only access this spot if you are either taking cab or mini bus. Btw, did you notice human face in this picture?

Taroko Gorge Scenic View Taiwan
The right side of the rock cliff indeed resemble human face, right? Don't you agree? 

Under the right side cliff, you can spot a cave and a road going into the cliff. The cab driver told us that the road was used to be part of hiking trail but it's no longer accessible now due to earthquake and landslide in recent months. Kinda scary, when you think of it.

Roadway at Taroko Gorge Taiwan
After another 30 mins drive, we have reached another spot called Eternal Spring Shrine Trail. You will see a lot of tourists starting from here. Because this place is accessible by tour bus. 

Eternal Spring Shrine Trail Taiwan
The Eternal Spring Shrine is one of the most picturesque landmark of the park and it is also served as memorials for war veterans. 

Eternal Spring Shrine Taroko Gorge Taiwan
I never know rocks can be picturesque. Hahaha. 

Taroko Gorge Scenic Rocks Taiwan
There is a road went into the cave and if you continue walking you will see an altar for praying. If you walk further I suppose you can reach the shrine but none of us was adventurous enough to walk that far. =P

Praying Altar Taroko Gorge Taiwan
After we spent enough time walking around and enjoying the view, we hopped back into the cab to go to our next destination, Hualien. See you in Hualien! ^^

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