Taipei Eats: Chocolate Ice Cream Pancake at Raohe Night Market

I saw a stall selling something that looks like a sibling of Japanese dorayaki (the thing that Doraemon loves to eat) while I was walking around Raohe Night Market.

Raohe Night Market Pancake Stall Taipei Taiwan

When we came closer, we realised that the stall actually sells ice cream which they will put inside the pancake for you. Wah!! I'm getting so excited to get this food. You can choose different flavor of ice cream. I stick with the ol' time favourite, chocolate (巧克力/ Qiǎokèlì).

Chocolate Ice Cream Pancake Raohe Night Market Taipei

The portion of the ice cream is very big. If you want to eat more things at the night market, I'd suggest to buy just one ice cream pancake and share. It can get very messy sharing this food though. Taste wise, it taste quite good. Yum!

While you are in Raohe, you should also try the Egg Roll and the Black Pepper Buns. These two stalls have a long queue,which kinda means they are popular and yummy in Taiwanese term.

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