Spring in Taipei

I love spring. No wait, I used to love spring because it's not so cold. But spring in the global-warming-era is COLD. Brr~~~

I forgot about the cold whenever I see this kind of view though. =)

Spring in Taipei
I took the above picture near Gongguan MRT station. I love Gongguan area because there are a lot of interesting things to see and to eat. Hehe. 

Gongguan Taipei
For example, there's a book store which sells second hand books (二手書/ Èrshǒu shū). The books are in good condition and this place is perfect for students with tight budget. I saw a lot of second hand textbooks inside.

Mollie Used Books Gongguan
Just opposite the bookstore, there's an artsy-looking house which I guess is a cafe. Did not really see any signage so I kinda make a rough guess here. Hehe. Does anyone know whether it's really a cafe? Or maybe a store selling interesting stuff? 

Gongguan Artsy House
The next place that I saw is definitely a cafe. It's actually quite famous among the neighbourhood and it's called Second Floor Cafe. I haven't tried it though. I shall give it a try anytime soon. =)

Second Floor Cafe Gongguan Taiwan
Oh who did I find here? It's the Gingerbread Man from Shrek. Haha he looks so cute and at the same time, random! LOL. 

Gingerbread Man Taiwan
I have to conclude that my spring walk in Taipei is kinda random. But that what makes it fun. Hehe.

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