Taiwan travel series: Cingjing Farm

Hello again guys! How's your day? Hope everyone is having a good day. If it's not a good one, do not worry as we are already halfway to the weekend. Yeah!!

Similar to what I did before for Taroko trip, I'm gonna do the same for Cingjing Farm trip. Awesome? Hehe

(1) How to go to Cingjing Farm from Taipei? See here

(2) Where to stay in Cingjing Farm? See here

(3) What to do in Cingjing Farm? 

- To go to Green Green Grassland, see here

- To go to Small Swiss Garden, see here

(4) What to eat in Cingjing Farm? See here and here

Wishing everyone an awesome trip to Cingjing Farm! Be sure to layer up as the weather can be quite chilling up here. =)

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