Taiwan travel series: How to go to Taroko?

Hi guys, to make it easier for you to read on my trip to Taroko (and to answer your traveling questions too, if there's any), I have summarised my posts for the Taroko trip! Yeay? Nay?

Alternatively, you can just type "Taroko" in the search box. But if you still feel like reading the summary...please continue reading. Hehehe.

Taroko National Park Entrance

1. How to go to Taroko from Cingjing Farm? See this.

2. What to eat around Taroko? See this.

3. What to see in Taroko? 

(a) Yue Fei Pavilion, see this

(b) Taroko Gorge, see this

(c) Eternal Spring Shrine Trail, see this

4. How to book a cab driver to drive you along Taroko trail? 

I asked for help from the accommodation provider at Cingjing Farm, Misty Villa (see post) to arrange for the transport. If you are staying at the same accommodation, you may want to do the same because it's way easier to ask them to help arrange for you. Especially, if you speak little or no Mandarin at all. 

Hope the above summary helps! Happy travel! ^^

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