The Beginning of Shifen Trip

It's time for another trip again. I really love traveling does create hole to my wallet. Thanks goodness the price of traveling inside Taiwan is not that cruel compared to other country. =)

As the place we are going today is located outside Taipei, we are back to Taipei Main Station to purchase our train ticket.

Taipei Railway Station Taiwan

Can you read where are we going? Yep, we are going to Shifen (十分).

Train Ticket to Shifen
As you can see above, the one way ticket from Taipei to Shifen costs us 69NTD. 

We still have time before the train come, so we go to the nearest breakfast place we see in our surrounding...

McDonald's Taipei Main Station
I like McD's breakfast in Singapore but in Taiwan, I LOVE IT. Their milk tea is amazingly good (I guess it's because they are using Dilmah instead of Lipton?). 

Taiwan McDonald's Breakfast
The Chicken McMuffin is nice too but it can use a little bit of chili sauce. Haha. Too bad, the Taiwanese don't really eat this with chili sauce. =P

Taiwan Chicken McMuffin Breakfast
We board our train shortly after we finish our meal. There's no direct train to Shifen. You need to go via Ruifang Station and change the train there. The total trip takes around one hour plus. 

Train to Ruifang from Taipei
See you soon in Shifen! 

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