Welcome to Yongkang Street, Taipei

As I was kinda lazy to walk far, we are going to explore a place so near to my school, NTNU. Before you scream BOO, the place that we are going today is awesome. I tell you, it's gonna be awesome. Hehe.

We are going to where the foodie lover will flock, Yongkang Street!

Yongkang Taipei
The road is actually very long and when you start from behind the school, you will only see residential building. No restaurants in sight yet.

Yongkang Street Houses
Once you cross this street, you have reached the foodie section. 

Yongkang Jie Intersection
Restaurants located next to each other. 

Yongkang Jie Restaurants
Rilakkuma has its own store here. Too bad it's not Rilakkuma Cafe. The shop sells stationeries and accessories and other stuff with Rilakkuma's face. Hehehe.

Yongkang Street RIlakkuma
You will see a park along the way. A lot of neighbourhood children play in the park. So happy. 

Yongkang Park
We're gonna explore this place out (especially for the food). So if you are excited, please stay tune to my next posts. ^^

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