Taipei Eats: Hao Gong Dao's Shop, Yongkang Street

The first restaurant that we are going to try is located just few shops away from Rilakkuma Shop. The restaurant was included in my teacher's lecture about Yongkang Street's to-try-food. It's called Hao Gong Dao's Shop (好公道的店/ Hǎo gōngdào de diàn). Note: You can read on how to get to Yongkang Street here.

Hao Gong Dao Shop Yongkang Street

Most restaurants in Taiwan let customers drink the hot tea for free. Hot tea is always welcomed by me in a cold winter day. Slurpp~

Hot tea Taiwan restaurant
The menu is in Chinese traditional characters *facepalm*. If you are really really in a pinch, you can request for an English menu or picture menu. And your fingers will do the work (point point). 

Hao Gong Dao Yongkang Menu
If you want to avoid the hassle and order according to what I tried on that day, you can copy this order. Hahaha. Sorry, I did not order much because there were two of us.

The first item is the vegetable + meat dumpling (NTD100 for 8 pieces). 

Dumpling Hao Gong Dao Yongkang Street
The next item on the list is the pork fried pastries (NTD 20 each). The Taiwanese like to write "鮮肉" (Xiānròu) or fresh meat in the menu. This always means pork. Well, so far I always get pork..hahaha. Do let me know if you get other type of meat. XD

Pork Baked Pastries Hao Gong Dao Yongkang Street
The last items are the top two round pastries (NTD20 each). There are a lot of spring onion inside and that's why you see the word "蔥" (Cōng) written in the menu. They are fried as well. 

Spring Onion Baked Pastries Hao Gong Dao Yongkang Street
The size of the dumpling is not small. And we felt pretty full even though we only ordered 3 type of dishes. All taste yummy! And the price is so budget friendly. Awww. My favourite kind of place. ^^

The place can get pretty crowded during lunch and dinner time. So if you don't like to wait for tables, make sure to arrive early or eat at odd timings. =P

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