Taiwan Travel: Aletheia University, Tamsui

After visiting the former British Consular Residence (see here), we continued to walk further up and we saw this sign.

Aletheia University Sign at Tamsui Taiwan

The private university was mostly built from the contribution of Dr George Leslie Mackay's benefactors way far in Canada. 

Aletheia University Auditorium Gate Tamsui
The university has a yard and it's so green. 

Aletheia University Yard Tamsui Taiwan
There is a pond in the middle of the yard. It's quite peaceful really. ^^

Pond in Aletheia University Yard Tamsui
You can feed the birds too. 

Birds feeding Aletheia University Tamsui
This is how big the auditorium is. They use it as a chapel too for Sunday service. 

Auditorium and Chapel at Aletheia University Tamsui Taiwan
The campus really gives the vibe of somewhere-not-in-Taiwan but it's good nonetheless. Do pay a visit when you are nearby. =)

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