Chiayi 嘉義

Chiayi city is located at the southwestern part of Taiwan. While the city itself may not have a lot of things to offer for tourists, it is the nearest station to go if you are planning to go up to Alishan (阿里山).

Chiayi has High Speed Rail (HSR) Station so we went there via HSR on the way up to Alishan. Yep, if you have not realised it yet, this is the beginning of a mount-climbing trip. =)

Chiayi HSR Station
This is how the HSR Station looks like. 

Chiayi Taiwan Station
On the way to Alishan, we visited a fruit/snack/souvenir shop along the roadway. Most shops in Taiwan provides samples so you can taste the products first before you buy it. Awesome! 

Taiwan snack shop
You should really try Taiwanese mangoes. They are big and so sweet and juicy. Yum!!

Taiwanese mangoes
We saw a lot of people buying the Taiwanese black nuts. We bought some for ourselves too since they taste quite nice. Hehehe. #peerpressure

Taiwanese Black Nuts
Do expect a lot of Alishan's posts in the next few days! ^^

Alishan Chiayi County

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