Taiwan Travel: Former British Consular Residence, Tamsui

If you take a peek outside the window of Fort San Domingo (see here), you will see the former British Consular Residence. These two buildings are located next to each other.

Former British Consular Residence at Tamsui

You can see a mountain too at the direction opposite from the consular residence. It's called Guan Yin Mountain. 

Guan Yin Mountain Tamsui Taiwan

The feeling inside the building is like coming into one of the houses in England I suppose. Does your house have a drawing room? Hehehe. 

Drawing Room British Consular Residence Tamsui

A proper dining room. 

Dining Room British Consular Residence Tamsui

Afternoon tea, peeps? 

Afternoon tea cups British Consular Residence Tamsui

The bedroom looks kinda spooky though. =S

Bedroom British Consular Residence Tamsui
There's no entrance fee for the consular residence so make sure you check out the place when you are near Fort San Domingo. ^^

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