Hello Tamsui!

I love Taipei's weather in April. Although it can be pretty chilling at time. If you see the sun comes up, it only means one thing. It's time to walk around. Woot!

Today, we are going to Tamsui, a sea-side town at the outskirt of Taipei (it's part of New Taipei City I think). Nice sunny weather welcomes us once we alight from the MRT. =)

Tamsui Taiwan
There are a lot of tourist attractions in Tamsui. If you are interested to go to the old street (淡水老街/ Dànshuǐ lǎo jiē), it's practically located just across the MRT station. You can see Starbucks as your starting point. If you are still lost, you can follow other people. I suppose most of them will go to the old street anyway. Hahaha.

Tamsui Starbucks Coffee
Why is the old street so popular? Simply because there are a lot of things to see, buy and eat here. But one thing that pique my interest are...the motorcycles. Because the motorcycles are parked somewhat rather nice on the sideway (so random I know).

Tamsui Old Street
My friend, being less random than I am, spotted something to fill her tummy, bullhorn bread. 

The bread comes in different flavors. My friend chose the original. It kinda tastes bland. =S

Tamsui Bullhorn Bread Taiwan
But at least, it gives something to tame our stomach while we continue our journey in Tamsui. =P

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