Night market food: Pork Buns at Hsu Ji

If you are in Taipei and you have not tried pork buns at all, I command you all to go to Shida Night Market. NOW! =P

Hsu Ji Shida Night Market

Hsu Ji only sells one item which is pork buns but there is always a long queue in front of this stall. So, the owners are always busy rolling dough and filling the meat inside the dough. 

Hsu Ji Pork Bun Making Taiwan
You can buy minimum number of 5 pieces (NTD35) but if you have been queueing for a long time, I suggest you go for 12 pieces (NTD80). Hahaha. It's so yummy!!! ^^

Hsu Ji Pork Buns Shida Night Market
The easiest way to find Hsu Ji is by entering Shida Night Market through the alley where IJ Ysheng breadstore is located (i.e. the breadstore with purple neon logo). 

I wonder if I can eat this forever....#crazyporkeater

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