Night Market Series: Shida Night Market

I was reading through my own blog and I realised...I has not written a single word about the nearest night market near to my school, Shida Night Market!! How is this possible? Oops. XD

Shida Night Market is not as big as Shilin and Raohe Night Market but it has its own quirkiness to offer. I suppose that's why a lot of tourists still visit Shida Night Market. But, where it is located?

Do you still remember Shida Road? If you forget, no fret. Just look at the google map below and see Shida Road. The nearest MRT to Shida Road is Taipower Building MRT Station. You can go to Exit 3 and then walk straight toward NTNU.

While you walk around the road, you will see at one point, a lot of convenience stores. 

Shida Road Taipei Taiwan

Go into the alleyway and voila! Welcome to Shida Night Market! 

Shida Night Market Taipei Taiwan

I like Shida Night Market more for its clothes, compared to the food sold here. I didn't say the food was bad though. 

Shida Night Market Clothes Store

This store in particular likes to do a tie-in with movie character for its clothes design. 

Shida NIght Market Fashion
I heard in the old days, Shida Night Market sells a lot of food. But the city major received so many complaints from the people residing in the area so that nowadays, the food seller in Shida Night Market closes its business one by one. Well, I can't blame the residents. I would not like my room to smell like stinky tofu. Hehehe.

Anyway, more fashion stores = happiness for a shopaholic. ^^

Fashion Street Shida NIght Market Taipei Taiwan
If you are sandals/ shoes lover, you will love Shida Night Market (and Taipei, in general). I've gotten my hands on this pair of sandals for 300NTD. Awww~~

Shida Night Market Sandals Taiwan
I'll post more on what Shida Night Market has to offer on food next time! For now, happy shopping! =)

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