Releasing Sky Lanterns at Shifen

After we had enough food to stuff ourselves with along the rail track in Shifen, we took note of our surrounding and we saw an interesting stuff hanged just beside the track.


Chopper Lantern Shifen Taiwan

If you have not realised it yet, Shifen is also famous for its releasing-sky-lantern activity. You will see the lantern stall at the right and left side of the rail track. 

Shifen Lantern Stall Taiwan
One color lantern will cost you 100NTD but since each color represents different meaning of the wishes (e.g. pink is for love-related wishes while yellow is for money/career-related-wishes), visitors usually choose 4-different-colors for their sky lanterns. 

Shifen Lantern Price
Once you have done picking the color and settle the payment, you are ready to write. The ink and the brush are provided by the shop. 

Lantern Writing at Shifen
We totally write random stuff on our lantern. Since we cannot remember all the Chinese characters, we mixed our wishes with English. Hahaha. 

Lantern Wishes Shifen
Once you are done writing wishes, you can let the shop staff know and he/she will help you release the sky lantern. To be honest, all you have to do is holding the lantern while they are preparing the stuff and pose! pose! pose! The staff will help you take picture. Hehehe.

Sky Lantern Release at Shifen
Hope our wishes do come true!!! =)

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