Taipei Eats: Yummy Egg Roll at Raohe Night Market

It is time for another night market food post. Are you ready to get hungry? (I know recently I've been posting a lot of food posts. This basically shows that I've done nothing significant besides eating. Oops!)

I saw this yummy display of a different kind of egg rolls + topping while walking around Raohe Night Market. 

Raohe Night Market Egg Rolls Taipei

The problem is when you want to eat something that looks good in have to brave the queue! Oh my goodness. *faint*

Queue for egg roll at Raohe Night Market Taipei

You can check out the menu and use the queuing time to think carefully which one you want to order (if still cannot decide, just order all because it's gonna be a pain in the ass to re-queue). 

Raohe Night Market Egg Rolls Menu Taipei Taiwan

We chose the 2nd picture from the top left, which is an egg roll with prawn + mayo. After so much effort in queuing, it tastes...okay-ish. Haha. Oh well. It costs 65NTD, fyi.

Prawn and Mayo Egg Roll Raohe Night Market Taipei

If you want dessert, looks no further, the stall next to the egg roll is selling yummy-looking tarts. Hehehe. Go buy a few! ^^

Tarts Raohe Night Market Taiwan

You should also try the famous black pepper bun and Ice Cream Pancake at Raohe Night Market. Better come here with empty stomach, really! 

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