Taiwan's Family Mart Food Review

Did I tell you that I am a fan of Taiwan's convenience stores? I think I can even call myself a convenience-store-junkie although I believe this title belongs to the majority of the Taiwanese. LOL.

I mentioned about the awesome-ness of Taiwan's 7-11 here. But now, I'm gonna introduce you to another convenience store called Family Mart (全家/ Quánjiā). Well I guess, if you've been to Taiwan before, you'd have definitely seen this store. Just like 7-11, they are everywhere, at every corner of Taiwan. Haha.

Family Mart Taiwan
Why I suddenly bring up Family Mart? It's because it was recently taken over by little cute managers. =)

Little Manager Family Mart Taiwan
If you are bored, you can watch the clip of how these little managers manage the operation of the store. So cute!!! 

For full link, you can go to this website . In fact, that's where I found out about this. Hehe.

Other than the cutie managers, Family Mart do sell decent and yummy food. My favourite is the microwave-able fried rice (I did not say healthy). I think Fami is the name of the brand.

Fami Shrimp Fried Rice Family Mart
You can ask the staff (not the little managers, the real staff) to heat the food for you. Once it's heated, this is how the fried rice looks like. Really not bad and it tastes good! ^^

Family Mart Microwaveable Fried Rice
I would not say the same about Family Mart's sandwich or 7-11's too, for that matter. If you want sandwich, it's way better to buy it from the breakfast stall rather than convenience stores. 

Pork Fillet Sandwich Family Mart
I prefer 7-11 to Family Mart but I love it to come there whenever I'm bored with the selection at 7-11. Hahaha looks like I'm spoilt for choice in Taiwan. =P

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