Taiwan Travel: What to see in Tamsui?

Continuing our adventure in Tamsui, we never guess that there are so many attractions in Tamsui. You just need to walk the road and the attractions are everywhere, at your left and right side. Awesome!

So, let's continue our walk, shall we?

This brick historical building is actually a museum. Can you guess what museum is it? A maritime museum? No. Tamsui's historical museum? Not really. It's a...FISHBALL MUSEUM. O_O.

Tamsui Deng Feng Fishball Museum Taiwan

Despite the quirkiness of the museum, we did not really have time to pay a visit because of our limited time. If you are curious, you should go and let me know whether you can sample any free fishball inside. Hehe.

Oh did I tell you that temples are everywhere in Taiwan. There is one as well in Tamsui, it's called Fuyou Temple. 

Tamsui Fuyou Temple Taiwan
Interesting details of the temple. 

Tamsui Fuyou Temple Wall Mural Taiwan
A few steps from the temple, you will see a statue of Mackay. Why is there a statue of Caucasian and not Chinese man here in Tamsui, you ask me? To make it short, Mackay was the first missionary to visit Taiwan in 1871 and he has done so many good things to the neighbourhood (e.g. sharing the gospel, building church, building schools/ university, etc) so that the neighbourhood is now honouring him. You can go to Wikipedia to read more if you are interested (link).

Mackay Statue Tamsui Taiwan
We went in March but it seems that it's forever Christmas in Tamsui? Haha. Anyway, if you come across this alley, make sure to make a right turn. 

Tamsui Alley to Church Taiwan
Because there is a historical church called Tamsui Presbyterian Church at the end of the alley. 

Tamsui Presbyterian Church Taiwan
The location of the above attractions are quite near to one another so I suppose you don't really need to take the bus from Tamsui MRT station if you want to visit there attractions. =)

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