Taiwan Travel: Alishan Forest Recreation Area, Chiayi

The trip to Alishan would not be completed without a visit to Alishan Forest Recreation Area. And the entrance to the forest is pretty nearby to our hotel (see link).

The walk through the forest is pretty magical I must say.

Alishan Forest Trail Taiwan

The trees here are the elders. You can see from the roots under the trunk. 

Old trees Alishan Forest Taiwan
We passed by two lakes called JieMei (Sisters). It was named JieMei because it is said that two aboriginals could not find love and committed suicide here. U_U.

The smaller one is the Little Sister Lake.

Little Sister Lake Alishan Taiwan
The bigger one is the Elder Sister Lake. It has two wooden "love pavilions" built on it. Wait, isn't a bit contradicting? =P

Elder Sister Lake Alishan Taiwan
Moving on, we see the "Three Brothers" in tree forms. They are named "Three Brothers" because of their similarity in shape and height. 

Three Brothers Trees Alishan Taiwan
And after that, we saw another tree trunk which apparently named "The Pig-shaped Old Stump". Can you see the resemblance? Hehe. 

Pig-shaped Old Stump Alishan Forest Taiwan
The trail is long and go deep inside the forest. We did not really finish the trail due to time constraint so we went back to our hotel after reaching the pig-shaped-stump. Oh well. This is the end of our Alishan trip. =)

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