How to order bubble tea in Taiwan?

Taiwan is an island of bubble tea. And they make a yummy one. I have become a bubble tea addict here.

And 50lan is my most favourite bubble tea in Taiwan (not necessarily the cheapest..huuu).

50lan Taiwan
Every bubble tea stall has an extensive menu. Since I still have a bit of difficulty reading all the mumbo jumbo traditional characters, I usually go for the easy options. 

Like the most standard one 珍珠奶茶 (Zhēnzhū nǎichá/ Bubble Milk Tea).

50lan Bubble Milk Tea
Although it looks simple, there are few questions that the seller will ask you when you order a drink (and hence, the main reason of why I write this post):

1. The size of the drink

There is usually more than one size for certain bubble tea flavor sold in Taiwan. Either you get the normal one (中杯/ Zhōng bēi) or large one (大杯/ Dà bēi)

2. The sugar level

Just like bubble tea stall in Singapore, there is sugar level option for you to choose from. And in Taiwan, the options are usually shown like this. I usually go for 70% cause I have a sweet tooth (少糖/ Shǎo táng). 

50lan Sugar Level Taiwan
3. The ice level

I was a bit confused when the seller ask me this question because I simply never heard this before. I mean, usually the ice level in your drink is pretty standard right? Not in Taiwan! Just like the above sugar level, you can choose how much ice cubes to be put into your bubble tea. I usually go for 少冰 (Shǎo bīng) to make ordering pretty much easier. Hahaha. 

If you cannot decide you can just say "Normal" (正常/ Zhèngcháng) to both the sugar and ice level. 

Now, go grab yourself a cup of bubble tea. And feel the accomplishment when you manage to order one successfully. LOL. 

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