My precious collectibles (or junks) from convenience stores

Ever since I moved to Taiwan, I've been joining the craze of collecting gifts from the local convenience stores. The idea is you will receive a sticker from making purchase (min NTD80 I think) in the convenience stores. The stickers also looks damn cute! This is the ones that I got for Doraemon promo way back then. 

Doraemon stickers 711
And then you grab the small booklet for the coupon. You can get the best gift if you collect the maximum number of stickers. However, if you are not that hardcore fan of convenience stores, you can redeem the gift (the smaller ones and sometimes, the not-so-interesting ones) by collecting probably 8 stickers, depends on the promotion.

711 Sticker Booklet
I'm a hardcore 711 customer (and so does majority of Taiwanese). So yeah...=P

711 Doraemon Completed Sticker Booklet
It is not easy to redeem the gift even though convenience stores are basically everywhere in Taipei. Why? Because of the fierce competition. If the gifts are good, people will go crazy and hence, OUT-OF-STOCK! Arghh! I only managed to get my Doraemon gift in convenience store located at..Taoyuan International Airport! Heck. (I was picking up my friend, not purposely going there for the Doraemon. XD)

Doraemon Alarm Clock 711 Gift
It's a cute alarm clock. I supposed that's why people want to collect them. 

Doraemon Alarm Clock 711 Gift
I got Nobita's alarm clock which I suppose suits me well because I love napping so much that I do that everyday after having my lunch. What a pig, right? Haha. 

Nobita Alarm Clock 711
Do check the convenience stores' promotion while you are in Taiwan. You never know, you may be able to get something cute by buying things there. And oh boy, they do sell interesting things! =)

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