Taiwan Travel: Watching Sunrise at Alishan, Chiayi

We are up early in the morning to do the main activity in Alishan - sunrise watching! =)

We need to take a train to the observation point to view the sunrise. The ticket looks so nice! I'm so keeping it. The ticket costs NTD150 for round-trip.

Alishan Train Ticket Taiwan

Do expect a full train because basically most tourists visit Alishan for this purpose. The train ride to the observation point will take roughly 10 to 15 minutes from Alishan Gou Hotel. 

Inside Alishan Train Taiwan
If you have not had your breakfast and you are starving, no worries! The food sellers are already up and running early in the morning. 

Alishan Morning Food Market Taiwan
Waiting in cold to capture the perfect moment of sunrise...

Alishan Before Sunrise View
Think it's happening very soon. A group of Japanese tourists has started shouting and rejoicing nearby. They are so full of spirit. Hahaha.

Alishan Sunrise Orange Sky
And here comes the sun...tralalalala. ^^

Alishan Sun Rise View Taiwan
Few minutes after the sunrise, you need to rush back to the train station if you want to beat the mad-rush of people trying to come back to their own hotels/ accommodations. And since the sun is already up, we can see the train now. 

Alishan Red Train Taiwan
Back to hotel for now. Choo choo! ^^

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