Turkey Travel: Ancient City of Ephesus, Selcuk

Hello! I am back after a few of slice-of-life posts. Hehehe. Hope you guys don't mind that kind of posts. =P

Do I still have posts on Turkey? You bet I do. In fact, it's gonna get better. Like this post about one of my favourite place in Turkey, Ephesus Archaeological Site.

Ephesus Archaelogical Site Turkey

Don't forget to take and keep your entry ticket. 

Ephesus Archaelogical Site Ticket Turkey

If you love history, you will love this site. They have a lot of information available on the board for tourists. 

Ephesus Historical Board Turkey
As the city is kinda in ruins now (even after the restoration projects), most of the things that you'll see in Ephesus are...rocks and some pillars. Boring? No way. In fact, you can do a lot of awesome poses here in Ephesus. Like this one. 

Ephesus Ruins Turkey
You can see the stone carving of goddess Nike too. She's a goddess of victory if I'm not wrong. 

Goddesss of Nike Ephesus Turkey
And the stone carving of the symbol of medical world. I suppose every doctors/ aspiring doctors in our tour group are very excited when they see this. 

Symbol of medical world Ephesus Turkey
When you are in Ephesus, the most popular site (or ruin?) is definitely the Library of Celsus. Really an awesome site. Every tour group will definitely take a picture here. And hence, long queue to take picture. Oh well. 

Library of Celsus Ephesus Turkey
If you are visiting Ephesus during summer, make sure you bring your hat and sunnies as the weather can be very hot and the walk inside Ephesus is not a short one. 

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