Turkey Travel: Covered in White at Cotton Castle, Pamukkale

After our trip in Ephesus (see post), we were literally chasing sunset because we reached Pamukkale (re: Cotton Castle) kinda late. But thanks goodness the sun has not really disappeared yet. The entrance gate to the ancient city of Hierapolis is...unguarded (probably it's because it's already near the closing time).

World Heritage Pamukkale Entry Gate Turkey

If we arrived a bit later, we will not be able to see anything in this ancient city of Hierapolis. 

Ancient City of Hierapolis Turkey

We finally reached the snow white mountain just when the sun is setting. Still have time to play around here. Yeay. 

Cotton Castle Pamukkale Turkey
The snow is white because of the salt minerals. You cannot wear shoes here so get ready to bare your soles. 

Salt Minerals White Cotton Castle Pamukkale Turkey

Once you take off your shoes, you can walk on top of the mountain and soak in the hot spring. The water was warm at that time. You can show off your sexy figure if you want to like this lady. =P

Cotton Castle Pamukkale Hot Spring Turkey
The town of Pamukkale is located at the foot of the terrains. You can see it from the top of the mountain. Really pretty view. =)

Pamukkale City Turkey

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