Taiwan Travel: Lover's Bridge, Tamsui

We plan to wait for the sunset but sunset is like still so far away. So we decided to just go to the Lover's Bridge around 4-ish. As we made our way there, we saw a lot of private boats.

Tamsui Boats Pier Taiwan

Walk a bit further and you will see the Lover's Bridge from a distance. 

Lover's Bridge View from the Pier Taiwan
The bridge is called Lover's Bridge because it officially opened on V-day, in 2003. But there's a saying amongst the locals that if you cross the bridge with your loved one, a break-up sure follows. Uh oh. 

Crossing Lover's Bridge Tamsui Taiwan
Nonetheless, the view from the middle of the bridge is pretty amazing. 

Tamsui View from Lover's Bridge
At the other end of the bridge, there is usually some live music performances. Singing romantic songs. Pray hard you won't break up with your loved one after reaching this other end. =P

Music Performance at Tamsui

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