Good Morning from Pamukkale Natural Park, Turkey

The next morning, we drove off pretty early from our hotel. I was still half awake but still have the willpower to snap a picture of the morning road. =P

Random Road in Turkey

Pretty much the road in between cities in Turkey. But our tour guide promised to bring us somewhere nice for picture taking. Can't wait. #vaintourgroup

The bus drove into the parking lot of Pamukkale Natural Park. The man in this picture is the bus driver. Haha, I unintentionally captured his picture from the back. 

Pamukkale Natural Park Turkey Signboard
The tour guide didn't lie. The view from the park is breathtaking. O_O!

Pamukkale Natural Park Turkey
The water is oh-so-clear. Even the ducks are enjoying the morning sun. 

Pamukkale Natural Park Lake Turkey
I suppose this is one of the place where you can just enjoy the nature without thinking about big-city-busy-life. ^^

Pamukkale Lake Turkey Nature

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