Strawberry Cheesecake Frappucino? Yum!

I think my friend is trying to kill me. By dragging me to gym and asking me to join three group studio classes in a row. Oh my poor muscles...U_U.

When it's over (thanks God!), it is of course my turn to drag here to...Starbucks. XD

Simply because I want to try the latest summer drink from Starbucks, strawberry cheesecake frappucino. ^^

Starbucks Summer Frappucino 2014
I kinda wish she tried the tiramisu one but she'd rather stick to the old recipe of Java Chip. Oh well. 

I am quite happy with my drink although I don't think there's any coffee in it and it's kinda sweet. =P

Have you tried it? If yes, do you like it? =)

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