Indonesia Travel: Traditional Clothes at Sukarara Village, Lombok

Finally I'm going back home for a summer holiday. <3

Since it's been a while since the last time I went for a trip with my mum's side, this time around, we decided to go together for a trip to Lombok Island. Woot! A perfect choice for summer season I guess. =)

The flight from Jakarta to Lombok takes approximately 2 hours +. The sign literally translates to "Welcome to Lombok". ^^

Welcome to Lombok Sign

Since we arrange a local tour with the travel agency in Lombok, we do not really have to worry about the itinerary. We arrived quite early but there is a one hour time difference between Jakarta and Lombok. So by the time we leave the airport, it's already 10ish. 

First place to visit is Sukarara Village, a village which is famous for its weaving crafts. We can see a traditional house in front of the village. 

Traditional House Lombok Village

The village is making a living from its traditional craft of weaving called "songket". They do have its own tourist shop here. I have to say the songket are pretty. 

Songket Cloth Sukarara Village Lombok

The store ladies will teach you how to mix and pair the songket together to form a traditional clothes. I don't want to show my face because my face really cannot make it in the morning without proper makeup. Spare you guys from the agony. =P

Songket Traditional Cloth Sukarara Village Lombok

Just outside the shop, a lady from the village is weaving. Heard from the tour guide that it is taboo for males in Lombok to weave songket. This is woman's thing here. 

Sukarara Village Weaving Cloth

If you are interested to buy any of the songket, remember to bargain. I don't think my cousins get much from the bargaining but at least, a bit of discount is better than none. ^^

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