Indonesia Travel: Gili Meno and Gili Air Islands, Lombok

Hey ho! We are really beat after having fun in Gili Trawangan (see here and here). But, our adventure did not end there as we still have two other Gili islands to hop onto.

First, we are going to the nearest one, Gili Meno. Which is more like a nature reservation instead of tourist place. There's only one inn here. Hence, not many people spotted on the island.

Oh well, hello nature I guess! =)

Gili Meno Island Lombok Indonesia

I really love the scenery where blue sky, white clouds, blue ocean and white sandy beach coming together. Pretty! =)

GIli Meno Lombok Island Indonesia
The next Gili island, Gili Air is definitely more touristy than Gili Meno. There are more people spotted on the island. And there are inns and restaurants as well, although not as many as the ones in Gili Trawangan. 

The view in Gili Air is super fantastic too! 

Gili Air Island Lombok Indonesia
My favourite shot of the island. <3

Gili Air Beautiful View Lombok Island
If you have the time, you can visit the three Gili islands in one day. But if you prefer to spend one day playing at one island, that option is open too. Oh gosh, I really love the ocean! <3

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