Lombok Hotel Review: Novotel Lombok Resort, Indonesia

For our last night in Lombok, we are staying at the West side of Lombok Island. We book a night with Novotel Lombok Resort because we heard a lot of good things about the resort. So why don't we go see how is the place. Jump!

The lobby area.

Novotel Lombok Resort Lobby Indonesia

The pretty decoration along the road. 

Decoration Novotel Lombok Resort Indonesia
A note about the bedroom, since the hotel is resort style, there is no lift here. The highest level is only level 3 but this may pose a problem for some people. If you don't feel like staying at the highest level, it would be better to request for a room at level 1. 

The bed is awesome seriously. Not everyday can sleep on top of luxury. XD

Novotel Lombok Resort Bedroom
Each room comes with a sofa under the TV. Sorry about the blur shot. I was probably too excited jumping on the bed. Hehehe.

Novotel Lombok Bedroom Sofa Indonesia
And if that sofa is not alone, there's another armchair at the side of the bedroom. Awesome!! 

Sofa and Rug at Novotel Lombok Resort Bedroom
I did not take a picture of the swimming pool because I was lazy to bring my phone. It's not that big actually, so I prefer to swim in the ocean. Here's a picture which I took from Google to give you the idea. 

After all, since the location of the resort is pretty secluded, this resort is best suited for a couple on honeymoon I guess. But we are not complaining cause we do like some luxury ourselves. 

Do check out the hotel's price at the Tripadvisor link here. Happy staying! =)

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