Indonesia Travel: Mandalika Beach, Lombok

After breakfast, it's time to sleep hit the beach! Novotel Lombok Resort has direct access to the beach. So we just need to walk a bit toward the sea.

Hello morning sea!

Mandalika Beach Sea Lombok Morning

This is how the sands look like. The locals call it pepper sand. It does look like pepper-ish. =P

Mandalika Beach Sands Lombok Indonesia

The beach is named after a princess who was fought over by three princes from big kingdoms. Apparently the princess cannot decide who to marry because she's afraid if she refuse one or another, the kingdom will fall into a war. So the noble princess decided to jump into the sea instead of choosing one of them. Quite sad indeed. 

Princess Mandalika Lombok Indonesia
We decided to be a little bit adventurous and following the local kids' direction, we went to check out another beach. The road is not far but we need to cross a not-so-steady-bamboo-bridge. Hello cousin! Hahaha.

Bamboo Bridge Mandalika Beach Lombok
Whoa! No regret in walking a bit because the view from the other beach is fantastic! <3

Mandalika Beach Lombok Island Indonesia
Here is another view. =)

Mandalika Beach Lombok Indonesia

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