Taiwan Travel: A summer day at Shifen

We are back to Shifen! Simply because it's such a waste to spend a summer day doing nothing at home (although I am a huge fan of taking a nap). =P

So yeah, Shifen, 我回来了! (Wǒ huíláile/ I am back!)

Shifen Bridge Taiwan

We are going to see the waterfall because my friend has not seen it before. Along the way we saw the railway and a lot of people are taking picture with it (including my friend). Hehe.

Shifen Railway Track Taiwan Travel
If you are wondering if you are able to see the waterfall from on board the train, well no, you can't. So the only way to see the waterfall is by purchasing the entry ticket for access to the waterfall. The waterfall in summer...is kinda dry though. 

Shifen Waterfall Taiwan
How do I know? Well, it kinda looks different from the picture on the ticket for a start. 

Shifen Waterfall Ticket Taiwan
It's still pretty though albeit hot. Very hot. The sun is burning.

Shifen Waterfall in Summer Taiwan
On the way back, we bought a pouch where we can hang our keys inside. Ironically, we have not used it until today. Hahaha. They look so cute though. The seller claimed that she has sewn them by her own hands. Handmade. MIT (made in Taiwan). =P

Shifen Key Pouch Souvenir Taiwan
For my previous posts on Shifen, you can go to this shifen1shifen2 and shifen3. Shifen is really a fun place. You should go! =)

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