Hualien Eats: Grilled BBQ Skewers at Zhiqiang Night Market

After eating the coffin bread, we are of course still HUNGRY. Hahaha. So we went to the next stall with the long queue and it's apparently selling grilled food on sticks. Any food.

The stall is called 第一家烤肉串 (Dì yī jiā kǎoròu chuàn).

Di Yi Jia Kao Rou Chuan Hualien

How to order? Well, basically grab the plastic basket and...yes, I know, I was not kidding when I said the stall sells any food on sticks. Hahaha. A lot of varieties indeed!!! The price tag can be seen on top of the sticks. 

Grilled Sticks Hualien Night Market

Spotted a big squid. Hmm~~~

Big squid at Zhiqiang Night Market Hualien

They have veggies on sticks too. Like pepper and mushroom. 

Grilled pepper and mushroom Zhiqiang Night Market Hualien
After you are done picking what you want to have, pass it to the seller and pay the money. He will give you a number to collect the food later on. By later on, I mean more than 1 hour. Oh my gawd. 

Queue tag for grilled sticks at Zhiqiang Night Market
For so-so grilled food (which I don't think can get wrong, am I right?), I don't think I am willing to spend that long time to queue the next time I come to Hualien. Lucky we come in 4. If I was alone, I'll die of boredom in waiting for the food. =S

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