Taiwan Hotel Review: Classic City Resort, Hualien

This is actually a throwback post which old pictures I just found on my phone. Hahaha. Last time, I went to visit Hualien with my happy-three-friends. Since we were going to explore the city, we spent two nights at Classic City Resort (courtesy of my friend who managed to find a good deal from Tripadvisor here). We booked this hotel because it's within walking distance to the train station. So we wouldn't have to call a cab to go to train station for our ride back to Taipei.

Classic City Resort Hotel Hualien Taiwan

Since Hualien is apparently famous for its mochi (re: rice cake), we got two complimentary mochis in our bedroom. Nice! ^^

Hualien Mochi Taiwan
The room is pretty spacious and the bed is awesome (especially when compared to my hard bed in my apartment). Hahaha. Btw, there is cable TV and you know what, cable TV in Taiwan is pretty "open" on adult programme. So if you come with kids, be a bit careful when you channel-hunting, ok? XD

Classic City Resort Hotel Hualien Twin Room
Our booking came with a breakfast. So we proceeded to the restaurant to get a fix of breakfast before walking around Hualien city. 

Classic City Resort Hualien Restaurant Taiwan
What I have for breakfast. Quite nice. Although I realised I did not take anything that looks green (or healthy for that matter). =P

Breakfast at Classic City Resort Hualien Taiwan

There is a souvenir/ food shop just the opposite of Classic City Resort. So you can buy some gifts from Hualien at this store. Although you can still buy them at the station too. 

Souvenir Shop Hualien Taiwan
Overall, I am quite satisfied with my stay at Classic City Resort. The hotel front desk can speak good English and they are quite helpful and even gave us Hualien city map. You may want to consider this hotel when you are staying in Hualien. 

A note though, it's not near to the night market. So you still have to take a cab to visit the night market. 

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