Let's eat mangoes!

I love mango season in Taiwan (which is usually in summer). Why? Because Taiwanese mangoes are really delicious. 非常好吃!! (Fēicháng hào chī!)

Another thing, don't they look bigger than usual mangoes?

Big Taiwanese Mangoes

If you don't feel like cutting the fruit itself, good news for you, you can find a lot of mangoes product all over Taiwan. Like mango ice cream for a start (which I bought from 7-11 so it's not expensive at all).

Mango Ice Cream 7-11
Or mango tart? I did not see this item when I came to Taiwan in winter so I think this item must be seasonal! Go get one from IJ Ysheng Bread Store (which are located all across Taipei, you will recognize it's purple signage).

Mango Tart IJ Ysheng Taiwan
And the yummiest of all especially when eaten on a hot summer day is of course, the ice mango (芒果冰/ mángguǒ bīng). This one I ate at Ximending. 

Taiwanese Ice Mango
If you happen to be visiting Taiwan in summer, go eat the mangoes! Nom nom nom! =)

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