Indonesia Travel: Mawi Beach, Lombok

We are finally here, at the last beach to visit in Lombok, Mawi Beach. It kinda feels sad knowing that we are leaving the sea soon. *cry*

Mawi Beach Lombok Island Indonesia

The beach is quite unique in view of its shape. It does look like a concave pond. Hahaha. The next 3 pictures will explain clearer. LOL.

I should have probably used a photo editing software to combine the above three pictures but I'm too lazy. Hahaha hope you get the idea. 

Mawi Beach Lombok Island
Mawi Lombok Beach
Mawi Beach Indonesia Island Lombok
Anyway, since it's the last time I went to the beach in Lombok, I'm gonna run to the sea and enjoy most of my time. Yeah! Until next time, dear Lombok! =)

Playing in Mawi Beach Lombok Indonesia

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