Taipei Eats: We Love Cookies, Gongguan

After hearing about yummy cookies shop at Gongguan from a friend who was studying at National Taiwan University (NTU), I (like usual) crave for cookies. How to get slim???

Heck, it's not everyday you can eat cookies, so let's just go for it. Hahaha. I know I was close when I smell fresh-from-the-oven cookies. Yum~~~

We Love Cookies Gongguan Taiwan

More cookies!! <3

Dark Chocolate Cookie at We Love Cookies Gongguan Taiwan

You know sometimes you see something good but you are not so sure of whether they will really taste that good (you got what I mean?). This will not be a problem here because you can ask for a sample. Oh my gawd, why is Taipei very cool? I SELDOM see this happening in Singapore or Indonesia. I should just stay in Taipei eat. 

Okay, snapped back from my cookie orgasm. 

Other than cookies, the shop also sells cupcake. 

We Love Cookies Gongguan Cupcakes

I decided to buy red velvet cupcake and three kind of cookies i.e. double chocolate, peanut and chocolate. I really hope the walking distance from my place to this shop can help me burn the calorie from these goodies. Hahahah.

We Love Cookies Cupcake and Chocolate Cookies how to find the place? To tell you the truth, the easiest way is to rely on your Google map. 

In the google map direction, just type "We Love Cookies Taiwan" and it will show the option like above. The nearest MRT to We Love Cookies is Gongguan MRT. 

The full address of the shop is below:

No. 17, Lane 283, Luo Si Fu Road, Sec. 3 

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