Night Market Food: Scallops on a Stick, Shilin Night Market

Whenever we, the girls, are going to a night market, we are immediately attracted to those stalls with (a) long queue or (b) cute mascot. I suppose in this case, (b) is the culprit. That scallop mascot is like...kawaii! XD

Shilin NIght Market Scallop Snack

We pass by this stall while we are strolling in Shilin Night Market. They look somewhat interesting (and the mascot is cute) so we decide to stop and order. Haha. 

This is how the banner look like in case it's super crowded and you won't see the signage below. 

Scallop on a Stick Banner Taiwan Shilin
It's like scallops with salt and pepper because they basically just coat it with whatever powder according to the topping that you chose. Hmm okay-ish but not really fantastic I guess. Haha. 

Scallop on a Stick Shilin Night Market Taipei
Are you going to give it a try when you are at Shilin Night Market? =P

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