Taiwan Travel: Pine Garden, Hualien

We have finally arrived! Hello, Pine Garden! (松園別館/ Sōngyuán biéguǎn).

Pine Garden Sign Taiwan

The garden is located way up there. So we needed to hike a bit. Oh my breath..

Climbing up Pine Garden Hualien

Took picture of the beautiful flowers while catching my breath. 

Flowers at Pine Garden Hualien Taiwan
Finally reached the top. Whew! The house behind serves as a museum/ art gallery with a bit history of this place. And do you see that the house is surrounded by a lot of pines? These pines are old and well taken-care of. 

Pine Garden House Hualien
You can see the sea in the horizon which lies at the eastern part of Taiwan island. Pretty scenery! <3

Eastern Sea View from Hualien Pine Garden
Gonna take another shot of the majestic pine trees. ^^

Pine Trees at Pine Garden Taiwan
Whenever you are in the vicinity, make sure to visit the house. There are a lot of fun things to do inside (e.g. buying art souvenirs). Curious much? Keep on reading! ^^

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