Taiwan Travel: Strolling under the rain in Hualien

I don't like it when it's raining especially when I am on a trip. But weather is not totally within our control, and sometimes, we just have to sing under the rain. I'm singiiiinggg in the raiinnnnn~~~

Yep, you guessed it correctly. It was raining heavily in Hualien. U_U.

Streets of Hualien Taiwan

But there's no way I'm gonna spend the day inside my hotel room. So off we went~~~

Spotted Bad Badzt Maru signage across the street. Wondering what does the stall sell. 

Bad Badzt Maru Store Hualien Taiwan
We were actually on our way to one of the tourist attraction in Hualien, Pine Garden. It is within walking distance from our hotel but I suppose we should have known when the Taiwanese says it's within walking distance...it may not be that near after all. XD

Continuing on, passing by a temple..

Temple in Hualien City
迷路! (Mílù/ lost our way). Since we really need rescue and the mechanic speaks English...unashamedly, we went in and bugged the mechanic who was having his lunch. Sorry!!! >.<!

Mechanic at Hualien Speaking English
Nice mechanic helped us to show the right way to Pine Garden. Xie xie!! 

Strolling next to somewhat-artistic wall...

Artistic Wall in Hualien
And stopped for a while to take picture of the river. I seldom see clean river in Jakarta so this kind of view is precious. Hahaha. =)

River at Hualien
Hopefully, we would arrive at our destination soon. LOL. 

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