Yongkang Street Cheese Scallion Pancake, Taipei

I seriously wonder why my wallet is slim. Not like its owner. Oh well~~

Good thing about staying in Taipei is that you don't have to pay a lot to eat good food. Even simple food taste like heaven. #notexaggerating

Since I don't really have a lot to spend on daily expense at the moment (saving up for next trip), I wander off to Yongkang Street again after school in a mission to find something edible without creating a hole in my wallet. 

And a queue line draw me in..like usual.. #weak

yongkang scallion pancake taipei

Can't really see what are they selling so I come really close. Huh? Looks yum! 

Yongkang Street Cheese Scallion Pancake

It's Taiwanese pancake! Aww smells damn good and it's not expensive too. I immediately join the queue. And order my cheese egg pancake. If I'm not wrong, it costs me NTD30 - 50. 

Yongkang Taiwan Cheese Scallion Pancake
Itadakimasuuuu~~~~ =) =) =)

Cheese Egg Pancake Taiwan
The stall is located at the intersection opposite Kao Chi. I don't think you can miss it because of the queue. =)

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