Jiufen Old Street, Taiwan

After successfully reached Jiufen, we were so excited on exploring the old street. Ever since our teacher has told us a lot of Jiufen's food. We are totally easy prey for food market. =P

The entrance to Jiufen Old Street is located straight beside 7-11, which you will see upon alighting from the bus/ taxi.

Jiufen Old Street Entrance Taiwan

I am not kidding, it's full of food stall. And by the way, do you know that the setting of Japanese animation called Spirited Away is apparently inspired by Jiufen?

Jiufen Spirited Away Movie Inspiration
Other than food, you can see a lot of other things in Jiufen Old Street. Like clothes and some handicrafts. 

Jiufen Lao Jie Taiwan
If you happen to visit with your loved one, I suppose you can take picture here to make some nice memories? =P

Jiufen Love Booth Taiwan
The store has some other designs too if you are interested. Some of them are quite funny. Hahaha.

Photo Booth Jiufen Taiwan
The store near the top of Jiufen Old Street is selling cute cat dolls. Meow~~~

Jiufen Cat Dolls Japan
I personally do not think it's necessary to stay the night here as I heard most of the stores will close around 6pm-ish. But if you are looking for a staying-experience at an old tea house then I suppose you can try it. =P

We'll explore more in the next posts. Stay tune! ^^

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