What to eat in Jiufen, Taiwan? - Part 1

If you are wondering what to eat in Jiufen, well, the easiest answer is to have a taste at whatever being sold here (since you have made an effort to come here and all). =P

To help you started, here are a few food that you may want to try in Jiufen:

1. Taro rice balls

Jiufen Taro Rice Balls Taiwan

You can either have it hot or cold (served with ice) and both taste yum! The hot one is perfect for cold weather. ^^

Hot and cold Jiufen Taro balls
2. Grilled sausages

Grilled Sausage at Jiufen Taiwan
One stick at NTD30 so why not? Hehe.

Jiufen Taiwan Grilled Sausage

3. Mochi

Jiufen Mochi Ice Cream Taiwan
These mochi(s) have ice cream fillings with various flavor like strawberry, peach, mango, etc. But you must eat them on the spot. 

If you want to buy the packaged ones, you can buy another type of mochi but do note that the expiration date is usually pretty short (around one month). They have branch in Taipei Main Station. They sell other things like pineapple tarts too.

Mochi Store at Jiufen Taiwan

Are you full? But we are not exactly done yet. Get ready for part 2! =)

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