Taiwan Eats: Tamsui Old Street

Whenever I hear a place being referred to as "old street" in Taiwan, I can't help thinking about food. Because there will be a lot of good food found in the midst of the old street. And it's not different here, at Tamsui Old Street. Nom! Eh, I mean Jump!

Tamsui Old Street Taiwan
If we are going by the rule "join the queue"...oh heck, I'm gonna join the queue simply because I'm curious. Hahaha.

Fried Gyoza Stall at Tamsui Old Street Taiwan
Turns out it's gyoza-look-alike stall. Haha. Taste-wise? So-so I suppose. Time to move to next food. 

Fried Gyoza at Tamsui Old Street Taiwan
Another long queue spotted, just few metres away from the fried gyoza stall. O_o!

Sponge Cake Stall at Tamsui Old Street Taiwan

I saw this on TV but they sell the sponge cake in a big box. I gave it a pass cause I live alone but they look really good actually. If you have a lot of mouths to share, you can give it a try. Hehe.

Sponge Cake at Tamsui Old Street Taiwan

Along the old street, you will see a lot of black eggs. These are called iron eggs (鐵蛋/ tiědàn). The eggs were cooked and recooked in soy sauce broth. When they are eventually air-dried, the eggs become dark and flavorful. These are famous snacks sold in Tamsui (and Taiwan in general I suppose). 

Tamsui Iron Eggs Taiwan
Old street really gives out a "fun" vibe especially with a lot of stuff to eat and buy. So happy there are still a lot of old streets in Taiwan. =)

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