Eastern Eurotrip: Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

Our first stop in Vienna is Schonbrunn Palace, a magnificent focus of court life under the reign of Maria Theresa.

Schonbrunn Palace Maria Theresa

The palace is big. Very big. The section for the servants' quarter itself is very huge. 

Schonbrunn Palace Austria
The Christmas tree has not been set up yet when we visited the palace in early November. Too bad. 

Schonbrunn Palace Christmas Decoration Set Up Vienna Austria
Here is the ticket price for the entry to the palace. 

Ticket Price for Schonbrunn Palace Vienna Austria
The map of Schonbrunn Palace will give you the idea of how huge the whole complex is. I don't think we have enough time to see all. But at least we covered the main rooms inside the palace.

Map of Schonbrunn Palace Vienna Austria
Photography is not allowed inside the palace. So I took this picture from Google to show you how it looks like. This is the picture of the ballroom when the golden chandeliers are lit. I got the vibe like in Anastasia's or Beauty and the Beast's movie. =P

If you are hungry, there is a cafe at the left side of the palace. We did not have time to go in and take a look but we smell something good coming out from the cafe. Yum~~

Schonbrunn Palace Cafe Vienna Austria

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