Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015.

I am seriously thinking we are moving in a super fast pace throughout the year. It feels just yesterday we celebrated the beginning of 2014 and suddenly we are on the last day of the year. I suppose this calls for a grateful reflection upon what happened during the year right?

2014 has been quite great even though I started slow in ticking my travel bucket list. My first trip of the year was only happened in May. But the place that my family and I go was simply breathtaking, Lombok Island in Indonesia. Some of the posts about Lombok can be found herehere and here. Alternatively, you can type "Lombok" on the blog's search blog. 

Lombok Pink Beach
Summer days were even better when my bestie told me that she needed a I-cant-take-this-shit-anymore break. So with spontaneity, we booked a flight to Hong Kong. Dim sum feast at Hong Kong can put smiles on our faces. Yum! Hao chi! Some other foodie post about Hong Kong can be found herehere and here

Dim Sum Trip Hong Kong
I went hiatus (from travelling) for the next 3 months after that (home-bound trip not counted of course) to save some bucks awesome trip to Europe. My mum nicely sponsored half of the trip cost. Teehee. The benefit of not-married-yet-even-at-this-age. LOL. 

Schonnbrunn Palace Vienna Austria
I have not finished blogging about the recent Eurotrip but you can find some posts about it herehere and here

To finish off the year, I decided to stay in Singapore simply because I'm broke. And celebrating Christmas in Singapore is not bad at all I suppose. For some pretty Christmas decorations in Singapore, you can read my posts herehere and here

Travelling will definitely still part of my life in 2015. Simply because the mundane daily life will suck my bone dry and travelling kinda cure the condition (well, it sucks my wallet dry though and hence, the cycle continues).  Thanks for reading this blog, lovely readers! And let's cheer for a jolly merry happy amazing wonderful awesome 2015! God bless! <3

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