What to do in Tamsui (Dan Shui), Taiwan?

If you can spare a day in your trip to Taipei, you can do a lot of things in Tamsui.

1. Visiting Fisherman Wharf

You can get on the Lover's Tower to see the beautiful view of the wharf. And once you are done with the ride, you can walk to Lover's Bridge where the famous Taiwanese drama called Meteor Garden was filmed. If you are adventurous enough, you can cycle from the MRT station to here.

2. Have a taste of local food at Tamsui Old Street

Wherever you are in Taiwan, you shall EAT. A LOT. No kidding, street food in Taiwan is awesome. Both in taste and price. You can try a lot of food from a-gei (tofu dish) to fried gyoza to cake to iron eggs (black eggs in Tamsui Old Street .

3. Visiting Fort San Domingo/ British Consular Residence

Tamsui has a lot of history as this part of Taiwan served as an important fort for the Spanish colony in the old age. If you are interested in looking at an old fort and old British residence, you can simply visit these two places as they are located next to each other.

4. Visiting (or even considering to study?) Aletheia University

Walk further up from British Consular Residence and you will reach a university. This university is quite special as it was established by a famous pastor in Tamsui. The pastor is not Taiwanese though. He's Canadian and he's called Mackay.

5. Looking at Pastor Mackay Statue and Church

If you are wondering about the identity of Pastor Mackay (and thus, history of Tamsui in general), you will see his status and his church alongside the main road of Tamsui.

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