Hong Kong Eats: Fullhouse Tiffani, Tsim Sha Tsui

Happy belated V-day people! I said this late not because I had a hot date yesterday though (my friends and I had lo-hei and celebrated Chinese New Year instead). XD

I was trying to find a romantic place to share with you guys but after racking my brain cells, I only remembered a cafe which I randomly went into last summer in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Does this somehow reflect that my life in Singapore is super not romantic? LOL. Anyway, moving right along...

Fullhouse Tiffani Tsim Sha Tsui
We found this cute cafe by chance. It was raining heavily that night and there's no way we can reach our hotel dry. So we decided to just hang out at the nearest cafe we could find.

Tiffani Cafe Hong Kong
To our surprise the cafe is very pretty and it seems like it's a popular cafe for pre-wedding/ wedding occasion. For a start, there's a statue of the bride, which I suppose her name is Tiffani? Hahaha.

Fullhouse Tiffani Cafe
The groom is standing near to the entrance with a bouquet of roses. I told you this is a nice cafe to take picture. Really. 

Fullhouse Tiffani Wedding Decoration
They have a fireplace here too. Fake of course. Cause the place was super cold that day despite the fireplace. XD

Fireplace Tiffani Fullhouse
My friend and I shared a slice of cake that night. Not bad. Quite a cute and cosy place to spend your day having a chat over a slice of cake. =)

Cake at Fullhouse Tiffani Tsim Sha Tsui
For more details, you can visit their Facebook page here.

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