Hong Kong Eats: La Creation De Gute Bakery, K11

One afternoon during our HK trip, we were tired but lazy to walk to our hotel. So we decided to find a place to hang out somewhere at K11. And then, we saw this.

La Creation De Gute K11 Art Mall
La Creation de Gute is actually a bakery. But it also serves as a cafe. So you can pick what you want to eat and have it there over a cup of coffee, if you like it.

All the bread tag is decorated by hearts. 

La Creation De Gute Breads
Cupcakes, anyone?

Cupcakes La Creation De Gute K11
If you are not a cupcake person, all sort of cakes are available here too. 

Cakes La Creation De Gute K11 Hong Kong
We tried the ham and cheese roll bread. 

Ham and cheese roll bread La Creation De Gute
And strawberry donut! Yum! =)

La Creation De Gute Strawberry Donut K11
The bakery and cafe is located at K11 Art Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui. For more details, you can go to this link

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