Hong Kong Eats: Starbucks Coffee "Bing Sutt", Duddell Street

Everybody knows Starbucks, I suppose, while Bing Sutt (re: Ice Room) is a type of traditional coffee house in HK. So if you are curious about the fusion of coffee house and modern cafe, you must visit Starbucks Coffee "Bing Sutt" when you are in Hong Kong.

Starbucks Bingsutt Duddell Street Central Hong Kong
Starbucks Bingsutt is located at Duddell Street in Central. The area looks kinda retro. Even the street lamp looks retro. Hahaha.

Street lamp Duddell Street Central
When we walked inside, the place does not look like Starbucks. Really an old-style coffee house. A real instagram material. XD

Starbucks Bingsutt Coffee House Hong Kong
A lot of old times mementos are displayed in the glass cabinet. 

Starbucks Bingsutt Decoration Central Hong Kong
Starbucks Bingsutt serves breakfast HK style. Btw, the ladies word tag that you see on the top right side is the key to the ladies room. So if you need to go to the ladies here, you need to borrow that key first. 

These are our breakfast that day. Coffee egg tart anyone? ^^

Starbucks Coffee Egg Tart
For more details about Starbucks Bingsutt, you can visit its website here.

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